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Volo is changing the way Real Estate is sold by helping agents Attract Clients and Retain Listings.

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The world is upside down, and the real estate industry is in shock... 

As Real Estate technology has increased over the past several years, many companies have aggressively invested money into Real Estate technology for one simply reason: Attention

The entrance of many new portals, discount brokerages and technology companies, in the Real Estate industry created a massive buzz and made agents and real estate brokers uneasy.

However, despite all the efforts and investments few companies have been able to capture attention through the use of engaging content.

In the pressure-cooker scenario of a global pandemic, The American Dream and Ignite Now Media discovered a new opportunity that not only solved a problem of hard-working realtors and homeowners all across America, today, but discovered a new way of visual story telling and selling real estate that is a revolution in the way Real Estate will be sold in the future.

Volo arms agents with a digital arsenal to ultimately attract new clients and retain listings.

Introducing Virtual Online Listings

Introducing Volo, an innovative way to market your listings online. Volo leverages the power of media to create engaging content that demands attention. With this powerful tool, agents are armed with a digital arsenal to ultimately attract new clients and retain listings.

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Volo helps you sell properties, Online.

Volo is much more than a "Virtual Tour" or listing video. Volo provides Real Estate agents with a platform to market listings, engage consumers and impress clients. 

Attract Buyers

Leverage Volos to attract buyers and draw inquaries. Expand your marketing with Volo's Marketplace

Impress Sellers

Seller's love agents who have unique marketing angles. Volo provides agents with a unique selling proposition.

Retain Listings

When the going get's tough, seller's start to look elsewhere. Generate buzz and keep seller's engaged with Volo. 

Lead Generation

Leverage the power of media, along with Volo's built in marketing platform to generate leads for listings.

Trusted by Top Real Estate Agents

Volo has been leveraged by top industry professionals who understand the importance of standing out in a crowded marketplace.

Seth O'Byrne

Sotheby's Intl. San Diego, CA

Volo Provided Me with the perfect platform...

Volo provided me with the perfect platform to stand-out as a market leader during the Coronavirus. Not only was I able to highlight my listings from a distance, I was able to engage interested buyers and earn new business."

Dave Panozzo

HomeSmart, Phoenix, AZ

Super super pleased!

"That (Volo) was AWESOME!  Super super pleased! AWESOME AWESOME JOB!!!"

The Power of Volo is Simplicity

Creating a Volo does not require hiring videographers, fancy editors or even staging a property. Create a Volo in these 3 simple steps:


Step #1: Find a Location

Find a suitable location to record your A-Roll (Video). This does not have to be at your listings, it can be as simple as finding a spot in your backyard. 


Step #2: Record a Video

Once settled, simply open your phone and begin recording your video in landscape format using the 5-step script template provided by Volo. 


Step #3: Upload to Volo

Upload the Videos to your Volo Portal. In addition to your raw video footage, we'll also ask that you please send us a link to the listing you are featuring, as well as any other creative requests.  


Step #4: Leverage your Volo

Our team will complete your Volo within 3 - 5 business days and return it to you ready to go. You'll then be able to leverage Volo's proprietary marketing platform to attract clients and impress clients.

behind the scenes

Seth O'Byrne Demonstrates the Simplicity of Volo

About The Creators of Volo

The American Dream is a Television show in its 6th year, which started in California and is now streaming and airing in nearly every major city. Our central focus is real estate and the people behind it. The show weaves its storylines between topics like home ownership, lifestyles, entrepreneurship, charity, neighborhood, and family. In cities all across the country, the American Dream features 8-12 Power Players of Real Estate to establish them as the “Expert of their Market’ within our show and our network.

Here's what clients are saying about The American Dream

Monica DeRoussel

RE/MAX Preferred Group

Thank you for all you do....

"Thank you for all you do for us day in and day out! I made top 100 Re/Max agents in the USA which is typically owned by CA, NY and Miami agents as their average price point is 10x higher than Ohio😅The American dream is working its magic! Thank you for everything"

Christian Nossum

The Awesome Nossum Group

This lead to numerous conversations...

"I wanted to share a success that I had this week. My first AD episode is airing this Sunday, and in order to tease it and build up some anticipation I made this post on Tuesday on both facebook and instagram. I received so many texts, phone calls, private messages, and in-person questions about what the big secret is! This lead to numerous conversations with past clients that turned into a handful of “we think we’re ready to sell and buy a bigger house” meetings scheduled for the next two weeks!"

John Reeves

Reef Point Real Estate

It was a game changer...

American Dream TV ? Do it! it was a game changer in my business. Craig is a dynamic thinker and is a master at the use of media to grow your sphere and create business growth. Listen to him and you will do amazing things, Dude changed my life… 


Volo is more than video. It's a Platform & Community

Bonus 1
Volo Marketplace Listing

Volo Marketplace is a platform, fueled by an extremely robust omni-channel marketing effort, in which buyers and sellers collaborate around their favorite Volos. 

Not only will your Volo's be advertised on the marketplace, we will provide buyers and interested parties to inquire directly with you (the agent) via our proprietary marketing automation platform. 

Bonus 2
Volo Marketing Collateral

There is no doubt that one of the greatest advantages of creating a volo is the marketing capabilities you will receive to attract future clients.

After creating thousands of hours of content and working with thousands of agents across the country, we have developed a formula that will help you attract new clients using Volo's proprietary marketing collateral. 

Bonus 3
Volo Listing Collateral

Volos are not only a gift to you, they are cherished by home seller's across the country. Volo's often provide seller's with a timeless piece of content that they can reflect on for many years to come. 

Leverage Volo to it's fullest by offering sellers Volo's in your initial listing presentation - we'll make sure your well equipped with all the details and materials you'll need. 

Bonus 4
Join The American Dream Community

The American Dream TV show has grown to over 50 cities across the United States, and regularly invites over 500 top realtors across the country to join it's ranks each year. As a result, The American Dream has built one of the most valuable referral and support communities in the real estate industry. As a Volo customer, you'll have the opportunity to attend excluive events, coaching calls, masterminds, and even join our exclusive facebook community where you'll learn how to become "the voice" of your market by leveraging social media and being a digital-first Real Estate professional. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our work and will put the best foot forward at all times. If for any reason you are not happy with the quality of your Volo, you can simply let our team know and we'll make all efforts to make your Volo look and feel just the way you'd imagined. 

Content Creation... Except Way Easier.. 

All industry leader's agree, if you are not paving the way as the "Digital Mayor" of your market, you will be out-flanked by someone else who is. However, knowing what we "need" to do, and actually do are to different things; the fact of the matter is creating content is hard work and takes a massive amount of resources and time. Volo has built a platform with this in mind, making it so simple for you, and taking out the "heavy lifting" that usually accompanies content creation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I come up with Content? 

What if i'm nervous to be on Camera?

Can I create more than one Volo?

Do I need a Camera? 

How do I get started? 


Do you Volo?

You are now armed with potentially the most lethal marketing weapon the Real Estate industry has seen to this date. Buyers and Sellers are looking for leadership, as the power has shifted back into the hands of the Real Estate Agent.  The ball is in your court. The only real question that remains is... Do you Volo?

Volo by Ignite Now Media LLC

Brought to you by the Creators of The American Dream TV